The Best TikTok Alternate Apps in India

By | August 7, 2019

Hello friends today’s topic we are going to talk about TikTok alternative apps which apps are similar to TikTok. So you can make videos like TikTok.You can also 

do one more thing make videos in those apps then import them to TikTok.You will get more features in these Apps.

             First app name is Triller which is similar to TikTok.You have to scroll through videos and find variety of videos & make your profile. There are a lot of features like TikTok.You can make your own videos shoot music video or choose vlog. 


               Second app KWAIif you open you get the interface, scroll through videos you get extra option like find NEARBY and people close to your location etc. Interfaces similar like TikTok. Make your video with video button and give permissions then video making screen will open. You have a lot of options here. You can also upload your own video. You also have a photo edit option here and also have photo effects.


               3rd app it is really famous app like TikTok. Which is old app and was famous as Vigobefore TikTok. Now TikTok suppressed it. You have to press video button then video making screen will open face smooth, reshape face, change props are alternative for effects on TikTok. You can select sound from online music library or from your phone. Other options like speed etc. are fabulous. So you have another TikTok alternative here. You can use and enjoy it

 4th App is Zoomerang. After opening video making screen will open it is a little different from TikTok, you can’t post videos on this app. You also have a lot of different effects and options song change etc. also speed and duration could be changed.

             Next & 5thApp is noiz, this is close to TikTok.AR effects are really awesome you can scroll through videos. This app has better videos than TikTok. You can make your profile or make videos. You really like this option this has video making screen, change filters, speed and timer etc. if you use TikTok this app will not be a problem. You’ll learn easily. Effects are really clean and awesome you will really enjoy these effects.

          Number 6th Appis Like. It is also a famous app & also close to TikTok. But you have a lot more options this way it wins from TikTok. Make your profile here then enjoy making and posting. Use this app to make effects for TikTok. You can also select your music and make video then post it on TikTok also.

         7th NumberApp is Dubsmash app. This app is old it will ask you to register after setup. You have to click home and you will find a lot of videos but people don’t use this one. But still this app is a vintage you will find a lot of preset challenges choose from these challenges, click on DUB and make video but still you will find some things useful to make videos.

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