Mutual Transfer Portal of Teacher in Assam starts 2022

By | February 15, 2022

Govt of Assam notified the general information of all categories of Teachers of Govt./Provincialized Schools of Lower Primary to Senior Secondary Schools of Assam that as per Assam Elementary and Secondary School Teachers’ (Regulation of Posting and Transfer) Act, 2020′, submission of Online Mutual transfer application will start from 16th February 2022 to 17th March 2022 with the following procedure Procedure for Testing of Mutual transfer.. 

  • Teachers who have registered and having approved profile in can apply. There are two options for Mutual transfer– 
    • For case-1 – Teachers having Co-applicant can apply for mutual transfer by sharing Aadhaar No/ PAN No./ Teacher Code and Co-applicant has to give consent for mutual transfer.

      For case-2- Teachers do not having co-applicant can apply for Mutual transfer asking for some co-applicant in three different options in order of preference.

    • While applying for Mutual transfer the teacher category, medium of instruction and subject taught should match against an applicant (2nd option i.e. desired place) or co-applicant (Known teacher with whom mutual will be applied in consent). 
    • In 1st option either Aadhar No. or Teacher ID or PAN No. is to be shared for a known co-applicant with whom a Teacher wants to apply for Mutual Transfer subject to the condition that above criteria should match and co-applicant has already applied.

    শিক্ষকৰ Mutual ট্ৰেন্সফাৰ তলৰ লিংকটোত আবেদন কৰিব পাৰিব । আজি মুকলি হ’ব আবেদন লিংক ।👇👇

    Mutual Transfer of Teacher in Assam starts 2022

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