List of Cup and Trophies

By | April 29, 2019

Here is the list of cup and trophies associated with its respective games or sports. These cup or trophies are given to the winning individual or team members. The competitions for these trophies are played nationally or internationally.

Cup and Trophies
Cup/Trophy Associated Game
Aga Khan Cup Hockey (India)
American Cup International Yacht Race
Ashes Cricket ( Between England and Australia)
Augusta Masters Golf (International)
Bordoloi Trophy Football ( Assam, India)
British Open Golf (International)
Canada Cup /World Cup Golf (World Championship)
Colombo Cup Football (India, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka)
Davis Cup Lawn Tennis (International)
Derby Horse Racing (UK)
Dhyan Chand Trophy Hockey (India)
Dr BC Roy Trophy Football (India)
Ezra Cup Polo (India)
EA Cup Football (India)
Grand National Horse Racing (UK)
Hopman Cup Lawn Tennis (International)
I.F.A Shield Football (India)
Jayalaxmi Cup Women Table Tennis (Inida)
King Cup Air Race (UK)
Lady Rattan Tata Trophy Women Hockey (India)
Malaysian Open Badminton (International)
Mohan Singh Trophy Volleyball (New Delhi)
Nehru Trophy Hockey (India)
Nehru Trophy Boat Race (Kerala, India)
Prince of wales Cup Golf (UK)
Ramanujam Cup Table Tennis
Rangaswami Cup Hockey(India)
Ranji Trophy Cricket
Rovers Cup Football
Ryder Cup Golf (UK)
Santosh Trophy Football (India)
Stevens Cup Tennis (USA)
Swaythling Cup Table Tennis
Subroto Cup Inter School Football (India)
Thomas Cup Badminton
Uber Cup Badminton
UEFA Cup Football (Europe)
Walker Cup Golf
Wightman Cup Lawn Tennis
Westchester Cup Polo
Wellington Trophy Rowing (India)

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