How to Trend Your Video in YouTube Trending Page

By | September 26, 2020

Today’s topic in which I thought I would talk about the most confusing part of YouTube the so called trending page now the YouTube trending page.

Supposedly shows the most watched and popular videos of the day or week which sounds a good idea, but it’s broken as hell. So in today’s topic going to be talking about how people actually get onto this trending page. So basically if you look at the trending page and look at what all the videos have in common. It’s that over half the videos are usually less than 10 minutes long & they all have a very high number of likes and dislikes for the amount of views they have .They all have a lot of comments the logic behind this is pretty simple. If a video is short It will have a high watch time as people are more likely to watch the whole of a 1 minute video than a 20 minute video and if a video, that’s a lot of likes dislikes and comments then it’s Gonna have a very high engagement ratio.

So what does this mean? Well as far as the algorithm goes for normal videos like yours or mine. Well you have to make the video short and make people want to comment about it or leave a rating on it or some people do beg for likes and comment like you know as everyone knows.


If anything that’s controversial or well then it should trend, obviously right. 


I do realize how stupid things if I asking to make a video on things that are trending for the trending page is .I go into more detail than that. The video which is a short , obvious way to get onto the trending page and works because people are more likely to leave a rating and the comments that kind of thing on a video. They feel strongly about, for example if it was a video talking about feminism then it’s more likely to get a lot of ratings and comments unlike a video such as a kid’s toy unboxing as there’s not an awful lot which you can say about it.

And many younger kids aren’t even supposed to have a YouTube channel which they need to engage with the video. However we all they all have them anyway.

How do you think these Roblox videos get millions of views? Another way of getting on to the trending page is to just mention someone who is a YouTuber or celebrity in the title of your video.

For example most of the videos you see in the trending section that are made by regular content creators feature collaborations with another well-known YouTuber or is about another well-known YouTuber. 

Actually we don’t  know the real algorithm of YouTube trending page completely. People upload the videos on YouTube and without mentioning any controversial things or celebrity name in that video may land in Trending Page of YouTube.

Who really cares about being on YouTube trending page?

The only other videos it’s really gotten to the trending page are music videos, movie trailers etc.

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