How To Run a Free Webinars using YouTube Live

By | September 16, 2020


Today we’re gonna to tell you how to run a free webinars using YouTube live super easily under super quickly.We are here to tell  you how to create a webinar easy and free.Now there are tons of different webinar software out there all with different features benefits pros cons but our personal favorite is simply using YouTube live we love it because it is free and it’s really really easy to sell, here’s how to get one is that.


Step 1  is to login to YouTube and go to your creator studio.

Step 2 click on live streaming and select event.

Step 3 click new live event

step 4 give your webinar a title.


Step 5 description and set a time that you are going to go lives that .


Step 6 decide whether you want to do a public or private or unlisted webinar a public webinar is just a regular YouTube live it can be in search and it will show up on your channel as just a regular video if you set it to private that means you have to tell YouTube who can access that webinar and who can’t which isn’t ideal an unlisted webinar is best therefore with an unlisted webinar only people that have a specific link can watch so the process goes somebody signs up to your webinar and then you send them the unlisted YouTube live link and when you’re ready. 

Step 7 click create event you will see in your live event page now your event and if you click on the title you will get to its view page this is the page a link you want to share with people who sign up to your webinar you will see on this page as well that people can live comment as you go live to. 

Step 8 when you are ready to do your webinar simply go to your events page and click start hangout on air and let it load in the settings make sure your microphone and camera are selected or if you don’t want to be on camera you can use the screen share button to share your screen or presentation you can also toggle between your face and your screen. using this button once you are alive when you are ready to go hit this broadcast button and you will be live on the Internet whoa 


Step 9 after you have finished. your webinar your video will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel.With whichever privacy settings you picked whether that was private unlisted or public at this stage.You can change those privacy settings and edit the title and description whatever you want.As you wish you can even add captions using this handy little tool that we know called read now what we haven’t covered at estate is how to sign people up for the webinar so let’s get into that for that you’re gonna need.Some kind of ESP aka email service provider something like MailChimp or convertkit or Aweber or Infusionsoft many other sps are available and you also need the ability to create pages on your website.What you have over this is what you need one a landing page or a signup page.This is where people give you their email address for you to then send them the link to the webinar when it’s live so this page needs honor a registration form that connects to your email service provider.


Next you need a thank-you page so this is the page that they land on after they register for your webinar.This should basically just tell them if they’ve made a great decision and they should definitely go and watch that webinar live when it is time.


Next then you need a minimum of two emails one email that automatically confirms a registration at least one email.Before you go live linking them to at the YouTube watch page, remember though that is the minimum you can do way more fancy things with your email service provider to really whet their appetite before that webinar without being really annoying there you go that’s how easy it is to do a YouTube live webinar.

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