HDFC Bank Recruitment for RBB Personal Banker

By | July 26, 2020
HDFC Bank notified for recruitment of RBB Personal Banker

Job Description –

  • Sales: Maintain Daily Sales Report CH 106 and CH 104 Calling a.
  • Structured bundled offering of Products and Services to the customer within the defined time line Ensure quality new acquisition on SA and CA for Resident/Non Resident a.
  • Regular customer contact to establish needs of the customer and opportunities to cross-sell v.
  • Monitor large amount movements and account closure from the deposit accounts and ensure that customer does not attrite vi.
  • Ensure that the marketing analytics list on possible attrite, is called and retained Penetration of Saving Accounts on non liability customers Propagate the benefits of not being on DNC registration list in case a non-portfolio customer opts for it Utilizing the sales resources (BDR/COEX) for optimal sales support Penetration of FD to unique customers Using Data-mine for cross-selling Sales of various Credit Cards a.
  • Ensure that requisite certifications are done (NISM V-A) Sales of Asset Products Disseminating product information Activation: To ensure that all accounts savings and current account (non ABM branches) opened in the month are activated as per product definition at the end of the next month.
  • All such accounts to maintain more than the required AMB Activation of LTD a/cs: To ensure that all LTD accounts are activated and remain in the same state month on month.
  • Escalate to BM / Product on any change in market situation / threat from competition due to which customers have stopped operations.
  • Corporate Salary: Calling on customers who transfer their salary a/cs to other banks immediately on credit a.
  • To ensure such customers are engaged and brought back to bank fold b.
  • To cross sell loan products with other banks for which such transfer may take place c.
  • To cross sell investments to such customers by which they will tend to maintain balances Calling on Large Value Attrition: a.
  • Customers who have attrited over a certain value (as defined by product) for both savings and current accounts to be called and reasons ascertained b.
  • To impress upon customers to make us the primary bankers and ensure that all funds are retained.
  • of customers in the portfolio Extend Classic benefits to customers basis identification in eligibility lists/ LTR Ensure that individual customers are grouped and Customer To Group (CTG) Ratio is maintained on the portfolio By grouping them with their family members who already hold accounts with us By grouping them with their family members post selling liability products to the family members, if they do not have banking relationship with us Ensure that optimal levels of Income generating Product Group Holding (IPH) is reached Ensure that within each customer group a minimum number of stipulated Income Generating products are sold Ensure that the Customer Group profitability is achieved Manage Band 1 and 2 customers and ensure that they are moved to Band 3 and above Enhance Values within each of the customer groups Online updation of CRMNext at every stage of customer contact on the portfolio Proactively raising the eligible customers to the classic portfolio within the prescribed product product programme Ensure that all classic customers within the portfolio are contacted Usage of APT and data in CRM for effective call planning and review with BH / PBA(Pre call planning and post call review ) Detailed updation of interaction to be captured in CRM , Tasks/ leads to be created , profiler to be updated on same day of interaction.
  • Achievement of income plans and other benchmarks within portfolio: Ensure that income plans for the month and year are duly met across products Achieving of portfolio level benchmarks of and IPH Income product to be sold to each group of the portfolio in the year Ensure that the benchmark sales per month is met Usage of net banking / Mobile banking , Billpay, RDFD penetration benchmark to be met CEP to be met as per cycle All customers to have valid mobile and email address D.
  • Customer Service: Ensure quality customer service is delivered Recording complaints as per the specified process Resolving all complaints received (self, branch, other units) within the stipulated TATs Ensure appropriate customer communication on closures & copy of that to be filed.
  • Preventive complaint management Asking for feedback from customers, who may not be complaining Promoting all direct banking channels and ensuring that the customer is utilizing the same Check back on recent customers registered to DBC channel and give any specific help required Responsibility of opening the customer account within the TAT..
  • Operations: Ensure certification of documentation required for opening and maintaining customer accounts Error free documentation for all account opening and all customer instructions (Stop payments, FD Closure, etc) Maintaining Tatkal kits as per laid down process As a locker custodian ensure that locker allotment and all other related operations is as per prescribed process Includes managing standing instructions Submission of daily e-schedule indicating the third party sales done Updation of CRM for the asset leads generated Updation of weed-out database on the portal Ensure KYC norms are adhered to at all points of time Ensure that 5-S norms are adhered to for individuals workstation Opening of accounts under smart account mode.


  • 1. Sales and Influencing Skills
  • 2. Banking Product & Process Knowledge
  • 3. NRI Product and Regulatory Knowledge
  • 4. Planning and Organizing Skills
  • 5. Communication
  • 6. Knowledge of Competition & Current trends in financial Industry.
Apply online here – Click

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