DSE 9th Provisional Merit List 2021

By | January 28, 2021

 DSE 9th Provisional Merit List 2021

DSE Assan has released the High School Provisional Merit List (9th Provisional Merit List) for the candidates who have applied for 5746 Graduate Assistant Teacher (Arts & Science) posts and appeared for district verification of documents. Candidates will download Assam High School Provisional Merit List from the DSE website www.madhyamik.assam.gov.in from Midnight of 27.01.2021 onwards.


DSE 9th Provisional Merit List 2021

  • Organization: Director of Secondary Education (DSE) Assam
  • District-wise Document Verification Date: 09.11.2020 to 17.11.2020
  • Approved List Published Date: 02.12.2020
  • District-wise document verification date: 09.11.2020 to 17.11.2020
  • District-wise 1st merit list release date: Midnight of 16.12.2020
  • District-wise 2nd merit list release date: Midnight of 24.12.2020
  • District-wise 3rd merit list release date: Midnight of 31.12.2020
  • District-wise 4th merit list release date: 09.01.2021
  • District-wise 5th merit list release date: 13.01.2021 
  • District-wise 6th merit list release date: 19.01.2021 
  • District-wise 7th merit list release date: 23.01.2021
  • District-wise 8th merit list release date: 26.01.2021 
  • District-wise 8th merit list release date: 27.01.2021 

Instructions for Online District Selections:DSE 8th Provisional Merit List 2021

  1. The enlisted candidates must select one of the Districts if their names are published in Provisional Merit Lists for more than one district.
  2. The enlisted candidates must select the District within 48 hours in respect of 1st Provisional Merit List from the time of publication of the Provisional Merit List and within 24 hours in respect of all subsequent Provisional Merit Lists to be published.
  3. If the enlisted candidates fail to select the District Within the stipulated time mentioned above. the appointing authority will randomly select the District to fill up the vacancies in the greater interest of the student’s community. No offline application will be accepted in this regard.
  4. The candidates will not be allowed to make any changes after successful selection of District.
  5. Any report from the competent issuing authority, regarding fake or forged documents submitted by the candidates, will lead to cancellation of his / her candidature forthwith and appropriate legal action.
  6. The Office Of the DSE Assam or the Office Of the Inspector Of Schools will not be responsible for any lapse on the part of the candidate in submission of options.
  7. All Provisional Merit Lists will automatically stand cancelled on publication of the Final Merit List. Appointment letters / orders will be issued only to the candidates whose names appear jn the Final Select List.
  8. Any claim for appointment on the basis of Provisional Merit List will not be entertained.
  9. The office of the DSE Assam will not be responsible for any technical issued such as network failure / power outage etc. faced by the candidates at the time of submission of options at their levels.
  10. The applicants are requested to view the website at www.madhyamik.assam.gov.in regularly tor the aforesaid purpose. No further notice will be published regarding publication for provisional Select Lists/ Final Merit List.
  11. Online District Selection Link

DSE 8th Provisional Merit List 2021


Download District wise DSE 9th Provisional Merit List 2021


Title Size Detail
barpeta_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 485 KB swf-image
bongaigaon_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 367.22 KB swf-image
cachar_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 366.69 KB swf-image
darrang_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 365.43 KB swf-image
dhemaji_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 382.25 KB swf-image
dhubri_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 399.17 KB swf-image
dibrugarh_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 435.28 KB swf-image
goalpara_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 364.01 KB swf-image
golaghat_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 472.09 KB swf-image
hailakandi_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 341.86 KB swf-image
jorhat_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 443.29 KB swf-image
kamrup_m_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 353.23 KB swf-image
kamrup_r_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 494.16 KB swf-image
karimganj_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 356.13 KB swf-image
lakhimpur_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 427.48 KB swf-image
morigaon_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 385.79 KB swf-image
nagaon_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 423.47 KB swf-image
nalbari_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 415.96 KB swf-image
sivasagar_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 427.86 KB swf-image
sonitpur_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 398.29 KB swf-image
tinsukia_graduate_teacher_arts_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 380.98 KB swf-image
barpeta_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 390.8 KB swf-image
bongaigaon_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 346.03 KB swf-image
cachar_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 331.12 KB swf-image
darrang_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 327.89 KB swf-image
dhemaji_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 332.72 KB swf-image
dhubri_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 357.44 KB swf-image
dibrugarh_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 367.24 KB swf-image
goalpara_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 329.74 KB swf-image
golaghat_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 385.15 KB swf-image
hailakandi_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 319.09 KB swf-image
jorhat_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 369.78 KB swf-image
kamrup_m_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 324.21 KB swf-image
kamrup_r_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 389.51 KB swf-image
karimganj_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 326.09 KB swf-image
lakhimpur_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 366.76 KB swf-image
morigaon_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 337.5 KB swf-image
nagaon_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 360.11 KB swf-image
nalbari_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 372.34 KB swf-image
sivasagar_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 351.72 KB swf-image
sonitpur_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 382.27 KB swf-image
tinsukia_graduate_teacher_science_9th_provisional_merit_list.pdf 353.97 KB swf-image

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