Assam Venture School Provincialisation List 2021

By | February 5, 2021

 Assam Venture School Provincialisation List 2021

Govt of Assam is going to provincialise a number of Lower Primary (LP), Upper Primary (UP), High Schools and other venture educational institutions in Assam. State education minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has recently announced that the state education department will distribute appointment letters among 29,701 teachers and non-teaching staff at Sarusajai Stadium on February 5 Of the 29,701 teaching and non-teaching staff to be appointed, 13,217 will be fresh appointments while the posts of 16,484 teaching and non-teaching staff will be provincialised on that day. Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “1,698 lower primary (LP) schools were provincialised with effect from January 1, 2021, of which it will benefit 3309 teachers. Besides, 2,107 upper primaries (UP) schools will also be provincialised, and 6,586 teachers will benefit from this.” “Under the Directorate of Elementary Education, a total of 9,895 teachers would be benefitted in the exercise,” he added.

Assam Venture School Provincialisation List 2021

Type of schools: LP Schools, UP Schools, High Schools, Higher Secondaries, Junior Colleges

Name of Government: Government of Assam

No of provincialised teaching and non-teaching staff: 16,484

  • Elementary: 9,895 Posts
  • Secondary: 4,996 Posts
  • Higher Education: 1,593 Posts

No of schools: ‭4,260

  • Lower Primary (LP): 1,698 Schools
  • Middle English (ME): 2,107 Schools
  • High School: 266 Schools
  • Higher Secondary School: 04 Schools
  • Junior College: 152 Colleges
  • College: 33 Colleges

Status: Partially released

How to Download Assam Venture School Provincialisation List 2021 ?

Candidates may visit respective websites of concerned departments of Govt. of Assam to download and check Venture School Provincialisation List. Here are the list of the currently available lists of Provincialised educational institutions.


LP/ UP School Provincialisation List

ME School Provincialisation List

High School Provincialisation List

Higher Secondary School Provincialisation List

Senior Secondary School Provincialisation List

College Provincialisation List


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